Hot, Smooth, Elixir of Life: Coffee (or Joe as we like to call it). We take deep care in our product all the way from the roasting, to the brewing, to your cup. Whether the coffee originates from Kenya or Colombia we make sure that we are only serving the highest quality brews. Fresh? The beans are roasted on site! We don’t outsource, and we believe the quality speaks for itself. We hope you’ll make us the destination for your morning ‘cup of joe’.


LATTE – ‘Canyon Espresso Blend’, and steamed milk

CAPPUCCINO – ‘Canyon Espresso Blend’, and equal parts steamed milk & foam

MOCHA – Latte with either dark or white chocolate

CAFE AU LAIT – Two-thirds fresh brewed coffee, one-third steamed milk

KARMA-LATTE – our Caramel latte, where 10% goes towards a local organization. True caramel sauce, espresso, and steamed milk

AMERICANO – ‘Canyon Espresso Blend’ diluted with hot water to the strength of brewed coffee

ESPRESSO – Highly concentrated coffee served alone

EYE OPENER – Fresh Brewed coffee topped with espresso

BREVE – Latte made with half & half in place of milk

CHAI LATTE – A rich blend of black teas and spices mixed with steamed milk

CORTADO LATTE – Espresso, brown sugar, vanilla, steamed milk, cinnamon sugar on top

CUBAN CORTADO – Equal parts espresso and steamed milk. The espresso is extracted through brown sugar.


We offer any of our ‘Barista Drinks’ over ice!

ICED TEA – We offer Black, Green, or Flavored- all fresh brewed daily

ITALIAN SODA – Carbonated water with your choice of flavor

COLD BREWED TODDY – One of our specialties! Cold brew concentrate, mixed with your choice of water or milk. Top it off with some cold foam or a flavor of your choice.



FRESH FRUIT SMOOTHIES – including: Strawberry, Banana, or Mixed Berry

MOCHA SMOOTHIE – Our custom recipe! Blended cold brewed toddy, vanilla, and rich dark chocolate

CARAMEL SMOOTHIE – Blended cold brewed toddy, vanilla, and caramel sauce

CHAI GRANITA – Our rich chai blended with ice with vanilla cream powder

CUSTOM FRAPPE – Have a coffee concoction you’d like us to make? Have a favorite candy bar? Our trained Baristas will make the drink of your dreams. Trust us. It’s what we do.